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I have always loved to draw cartoon characters in my life, but have you ever seen a mural on the wall of a five-bedroom house?

Examples of things I have illustrated include painting Bobby and Jack the Monkey on my sister's wall and drawing the logo for Cartoon Network Inc., a well-known animation film studio. It's what I like to do and to make a career out of it that would be a lifelong dream. What is your favourite topic these days and what do you like doing so much?

I am a very professional and punctual writer and can write about any subject I can research as long as I flourish in an opinion setting. I specialise in opinion and writing research and have contributed to numerous anthologies, including Baddest Bad, Ransom and Gutter Vols. In 2009, my work was recognized as one of the best American mystery stories.

I was an athlete at Purchase College, was team captain and vice president of SAAC, and played on the women's football team during my enrollment. I believe that being an artist gives me a feeling of leadership and organization, which would also be indispensable for a coffee table book. In addition to being a captain on my team since November 2011, I am also vice president of the American Society of Arts and Letters (SAac) and have been an athlete in college for over 20 years, since enrolling for both the women's and men's football teams.

Tony Engelhart considers himself one of the most creative people in the art world, not only as an artist but also as a writer. As a technical copywriter, Tony has had the privilege of writing hundreds of freelance writing jobs for major publications such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times. His ability to cop phrases has earned him a number of jobs in print and online media, as well as television, radio, film and television.

Its customers are mainly small businesses that cannot afford to keep or not need a full-time copywriter. As a writer of publications, Tony has written for many genres, including magazines, newspapers, magazines and online publications such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times. NY Senior Art Directordesigns for various clients, as well as a number of other freelance jobs in the art and design industries.

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More About Bakersfield